NEW 280zx Fuel Injectors (Lifetime Warranty)

NEW 280zx Fuel Injectors (Lifetime Warranty)

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Doing a budget turbo swap or conversion and can’t find a decent set of fuel injectors? Or are your injectors clogged from sitting for so long?

We offer BRAND NEW “Brown-top” 280zx Turbo fuel injectors with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

We also offer the “Green-top” 280zx Non-Turbo injectors as well, with the same LIFETIME WARRANTY

These are the OEM low impedance 265cc injectors, and are good for around 12psi of boost on the stock turbo before they need to be upgraded to a bigger size. Perfect for an OEM restoration, or for Datsun owners in emissions controlled states, as aftermarket performance parts are heavily frowned upon.

The Non-Turbo Injectors are not sized properly for boosted applications, and we do NOT recommend using them for a turbocharged build.

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