Pallnet Billet Aluminum Fuel Rail

Pallnet Billet Aluminum Fuel Rail

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Having hard starting issues when your L-Series engine is hot? The OEM steel fuel rail is notorious for absorbing heat. Add a low pressure or non-working fuel pump check valve into the mix, and the fuel will boil inside the rail, causing “vapor lock” symptoms when re-starting a warm engine. Adding a billet aluminum rail solves the concern, as it is far superior in dissipating heat.

We offer a full line of Pallnet Fuel Rails, which we use EXCLUSIVELY on all of our Datsun L-series fuel system builds. Pallnet has a flawless quality control record, so why skimp on questionable fuel system components that could lead to a catastrophic fire?

We offer 3 variants, 11mm o-ring for the common Toyota Supra 7MGTE 440cc or DSM 450cc injectors, 14mm o-ring for modern style EV6 injectors (may require manifold adapters), and Barb style which is for use with the factory OEM EV1 injectors.

Each rail will require either relocation of the factory fuel pressure regulator, or upgrading to one of our Aeromotive kits linked below. We also feature brand new Genuine Walbro fuel pumps, NEW injectors, and more

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