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Building Legends

Godzilla raceworks

Godzilla Raceworks started out as any other group of Datsun Z Car enthusiasts. In over 10 years, we have learned through trial and error, and continue to strive to perfect our craft. We seek to encourage more people to enter the Datsun community through ease of finding bolt on parts and support. If more bolt on parts are readily available, it is our hope that more people can build their dream Datsun, and we hope to be apart of that.

We view these cars as the birthplace of modern tuner culture, and we strive to preserve their place in car culture by providing modern technology and user friendly parts.

We are based in DFW Texas, but provide a user friendly mail order service and parts catalogue, and service Datsun vehicles in the DFW Area. If there is something you would like to see, please feel free to contact us directly via email at