Engine Building Services

Engine Building Services


We offer full engine building services, as well as LTL freight shipping for customers that cannot deliver their engines in our local market.

It’s getting increasingly harder to find businesses that are familiar with the old L-Series engines, let us earn your trust.

We strip every engine down to the bare block, using precision measuring tools, we check for excessive run-out on bearing journals across the crankshaft, as well as main and rod bearing journal size. We also evaluate cylinder bore, piston wear, cylinder head and valve train wear, and give you a full report of what it will take to get your engine back to OEM specifications.

We also offer a full line of ARP hardware, full powder coating services, and precision machining services which include engine blueprinting and balancing for any high performance build.

Each engine build is catered specifically to each customer’s needs, so please send us an e-mail or call the shop and discuss your engine build with us today.

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