L-Series Turbo Manifold Porting Service

L-Series Turbo Manifold Porting Service

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The stock exhaust manifolds are quite restrictive, having up to 10mm of excess material in the entry port of the runners. We take out the material to increase overall flow, and decrease spool time and lower your boost threshold. We also remove material on the port walls and transition it properly.

This means less turbulent air, so rather than the air fighting itself to get out of the manifold, the air is now flowing in unison to the turbo. This means faster spool times, lower boost threshold, and more CFM out of your cylinder head.

On stock turbo setups, you can reach full boost by 2200RPMS!! This is approximately a 500rpm drop in spool time from a non-ported turbo manifold. This service is also available for stock non-turbo manifolds as well. $125 plus shipping both ways for your manifold, usually takes 1-2 weeks from receiving, to shipping back to you. This cost is for anywhere in the US. International orders accepted for additional costs.

If you are having trouble finding a turbo manifold, we can source one for you for an additional cost. All inquiries can be made through GodzillaRaceworks@gmail.com

For an additional $60, we can provide your manifold back to you wrapped in DEI Titanium Exhaust Wrap to keep your under-hood temperatures low.

Exhaust Wrap:
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