Comprehensive Used Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection

Comprehensive Used Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection


Thinking of buying a running high performance vehicle? How about a new daily driver that you want to make sure is reliable?

We offer a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection for used vehicles, to make sure you are getting the best deal for your money.

We have extensive experience working in the used car sales field, so we know what to look for when it comes to things that are commonly “hidden” and “not-disclosed” by used car dealerships.

Let us inspect your vehicle, and help give you some bargaining room to get the best deal for your money.

Our comprehensive vehicle inspection includes a full detailed print-out of our findings, so you can make an informed and educated decision when buying another vehicle.

Our inspection includes the following

  • Scan all vehicle computers for trouble codes

  • Steering and Suspension mechanical check

  • Engine mechanical check, and observation of any fluid leaks

  • Brake system check on all 4 corners of the vehicle

  • Tire tread depth and spare tire service life, and presence of tools

  • Full interior check including mirrors, doors, windows, switches, and all creature comforts

  • Full charging and starting system evaluation including a battery test

  • Transmission and Drivetrain evaluation

  • Checking for potential hurricane or flood damage

  • Checking for any frame or body damage from previous collisions

  • Checking for signs of neglect or abuse

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