240Z/260Z/280Z GPS Speedometer and Tachometer Conversion

240Z/260Z/280Z GPS Speedometer and Tachometer Conversion


We convert the factory gauge housings to accept our GlowShift Elite 10 Series GPS Speedometer and Tachometer. They can be ordered in Black or White face.

The Elite 10 Series offers several advantages, first of all, it's GPS!! That means no more fooling around with speedometer cables, drive gear cogs, speed sensors, or having to compensate for tire size or final drive ratio. Where you can get a cellular signal, you will get a vehicle speed signal.

The Elite 10 series features provisions for an external shift light, visual and audible warnings, 10 different back-lit colors, and peak recall function. 

At this time we do not have any way of utilizing the factory odometer, we are working on a few developments at the moment. This speedometer only comes with Trip A and Trip B function.

The price reflected is for an exchange basis. We provide the 2 gauges, GPS sensor kit, and labor to convert your factory housings and wire it all up, making it a true boltlin swap. Bolt the gauges in, hook the piggy back power harness up, allow 5 minutes for the GPS sensor to lock a signal, and drive!

This requires permanent modification of the factory gauge housings, shipping costs are extra. International orders, please e-mail us directly for an accurate quote.

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