L6 Coil Bracket for GM LS1/LS2 Ignition Coils

L6 Coil Bracket for GM LS1/LS2 Ignition Coils

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We are happy to announce our L6 Coil Brackets for GM LS1 and LS2 Ignition Coils

Top off your Megasquirt build with a set of LS coils and a multi-spark ignition system. With this setup you will no longer have to worry about spark blow-out and low spark voltage issues, as this kit, when paired with Megasquirt, or other capable aftermarket EFI systems.

GM LS style coils are some of the hottest coils on the market, and any serious build will feature them.

Our bracket is a modified version of the original design graciously made public by RTz on Hybridz.org.

What we have done is modified them to accept older style 5.3L Truck coils, and newer style LS2 and LS7 Camaro and Corvette coils. We have also made them dual purpose, as they can be mounted on the engine block below the spark plugs, or at the valve cover above the spark plugs, giving you multiple customization options.

The 5.3L Truck coils allow for a flush mount with the bracket, while the LS2/LS7 coils require some small spacers, which are provided.

Mounting on the block does require either deleting the heater bypass hose, or re-routing it away from the engine block. It also may not clear some aftermarket oil cooler setups, so double check with us for any questions.

Valve cover mounting allows for the retention of almost all of the stock components, minus the front engine sling bracket, and the fuel injector cooling fan.

Our bracket is made from 3/16” Billet Aluminum and weighs approximately 2lbs empty, and 8lbs with coils mounted, and can be ordered in any custom powdercoat color.

If ordering the complete kit, it will feature the following

  • 3/16” Billet Aluminum Coil Bracket w/ Mounting Hardware

  • NEW AC Delco Ignition Coils (LS2 or LM7)

  • Taylor 10.4mm Ignition Wires (Multiple Colors Available)

  • NEW AC Delco Ignition Coil Connectors

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