L-Series Fuel Pump/Power Steering Block Off Plate

L-Series Fuel Pump/Power Steering Block Off Plate


Early L-Series 6 cylinder engines had mechanical fuel pumps driven off the camshaft on the right-hand side of the engine at the front of the cylinder head.

For those who convert to electric fuel pumps, this is a perfect option for cleaning up your engine bay.

Later style cylinder heads on the 280z with electronic fuel injection starting with the N47 head did not have the hole drilled for the mechanical fuel pump, but the mounting flange is still there, for power steering pump brackets.

The P79 and P90 heads all used power steering pumps in the later model Z cars, so if you end up deleting your power steering, you will need this plate on the P90, as the open hole design still exists on the L28ET Engine.

Comes in Godzilla Green, Black, Red, or Billet, and custom colors can be ordered. Please e-mail us for custom orders.

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