Cold Start Valve & Auxiliary Air Regulator Tube Block Off Plate

Cold Start Valve & Auxiliary Air Regulator Tube Block Off Plate


Block off plates for the Cold Start Valve and Auxiliary Air Regulator Tube.

The cold start valve is mounted just behind the throttle body on all Non-Turbo L28 engines from 1975-1983. They are prone to leaking and NLA from Nissan.

If you’re converting to a turbo setup, but retaining the non-turbo intake manifold, you will need a block off plate for the cold start valve port, as the turbo fuel rail does not have a cold start valve provision.

This plate also works for the Auxiliary Air Regulator (AAR) Tube, that goes from the AAR Valve to the stock throttle body. The AAR tube is present on all intake manifolds, turbo and non-turbo from 1975-1983.

If you are not using a stock throttle body and have opted for a 240sx throttle body, or some other option, you will not need one for the AAR tube.

If you are retaining a stock intake manifold, and throttle body, we would advise ordering these in pairs.

Available colors are Godzilla Green, Black, Red, and Billet. Custom colors can be ordered, please e-mail us for inquiries.

This part does not conform to C.A.R.B. or E.P.A. Emissions Standards and is intended for off-road/race use only.

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