240sx Throttle Body Conversion Plate

240sx Throttle Body Conversion Plate


Now offering a conversion plate to run the 240sx throttle body on the stock 280Z and 280ZX Intake Manifolds.

Convert your Z Car to a more modern throttle cable design, as well as increasing the size of your throttle body from 50MM to 60MM!!

We also use these adapters on our Megasquirt Kits, so it comes pre-drilled and tapped with a 3/8” NPT hole on the bottom side, for an Intake Air Temp Sensor, Nitrous, or Water/Methanol Injection.

If you’re not using any of those options, our adapter comes standard with a nice Stainless Steel 3/8” NPT Pipe Plug to plug the hole.

Adapter also comes with 4 longer allen bolts with lock washers.

We stock Stealth Black, Red, and Billet aluminum. We also accept orders for custom color options.

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