L-Series Bellhousing for 240sx 5 Speed Swap

L-Series Bellhousing for 240sx 5 Speed Swap

from 125.00

Modified L-series (FS571wB) Bell housing to mate to a KA24 240sx (FS571wC) 5-Speed Transmission This bell housing is provided on an exchange basis only for $125. We can source a bell housing for an additional cost. For technical purposes, we will describe the L series transmission as the wB, and the 240sx transmission as the wC. The wB bell housing must be modified in order to accept the larger counter shaft bearing hole, and larger shift fork rod hole, as well as a small section of material clearance. The wC transmission is a lot stronger and beefier, allowing for up to 400whp before it has reached it's maximum threshold. The great thing about this conversion is the wC transmission is more readily available, and is very cost effective, sometimes even cheaper to find and convert than an original Datsun transmission.


This service is provided for $125, not including shipping both ways. Allow for 1-2 weeks turn around time

Add OEM Sealant, Input Shaft + Output Shaft Seals, and Plate Gasket for $75

Price does not include shipping costs, after placement of order, we will contact you with details.

We also offer Brand New Shortened Driveshafts for your swap to make it an easy bolt-in installation.


We can also source a bell housing and or transmission for you at an additional cost. Please inquire at GodzillaRaceworks@gmail.com

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