L6 Cylinder Head Cooling System Mod Kit v2.0

L6 Cylinder Head Cooling System Mod Kit v2.0

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Introducing our Cylinder Head Cooling System Kit Revision 2.0

We have taken our previous design and refined it to include a lower profile mounting bracket to allow for factory PCV breather usage. We have also selected a sleeker and lower profile rail to give it a cleaner look, as well as revised the drilling placement in the cylinder head.


This kit is the first available bolt on kit to solve the heat build up problem on the combustion chambers of the L-series inline 6 cylinder heads. This central coolant manifold allows coolant to be removed from above the combustion chambers at a faster rate than factory. This allows for cooler overall combustion chamber temperatures, which in turn, will allow for more boost and more timing, without having to switch to race gas. This setup is perfect for any setup, whether Turbo or High Compression N/A running aggressive timing. With this kit, we have been able to push way past the normal knock threshold of a non-modified cylinder head.

This kit intended for N42 Intake manifold. Can be used on other webbed intakes, but requires clearancing. We can provide the clearancing for an additional cost. We offer pricing to reflect having us drill and tap your cylinder head and thermostat housing for you, if you are not comfortable taking on this task.


This is a built to order kit, please allow 1-2 weeks to ship

This price is for 1 kit, which includes the following

  • Central Coolant Manifold
  • All Fittings, Hoses, and Clamps
  • Mounting hardware and bracket
  • Drilling template
  • Detailed instructions with color pictures
  • Shipping included for Kit Only

If you are not comfortable drilling and tapping into your cylinder head, and would like to have us provide that service for you, we can do that for an additional $50 plus shipping costs. Please make the selection when ordering and we will contact you with shipping details.


For any specific questions regarding your build, please e-mail us at GodzillaRaceworks@gmail.com

Additional Labor:
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